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Speeding Tickets Require Legal Help, Period

Speeding is very dangerous and that is why we have to be thankful that our local law enforcement takes the offense very seriously. This also means that judges in NYC have very little sympathy for the traffic law violator. Most of us make the decision to look for lawyers that specialize in speeding tickets because we want a non-guilty verdict at all costs. Since most of us have no clue how the court procedures are, how to present and defend the case in court, how to cross-examine and what questions to ask we decide to seek legal guidance.

In the United States, roughly $6 billion of speeding tickets are issued per year. There are even some instances of officers giving tickets because of drivers forgetting to use their turn signals or failing to stop properly. A lot of people go to court for these reasons but quickly lose heart due to the numerous trips and unsatisfactory decisions that come about.

The convenience that comes with hiring a New York traffic lawyer also becomes evident when you see lawyer going back and forth in court numerous times in your place. It isn’t unusual for people not to see the inside of a courtroom at all should they have a lawyer take care of their speeding you’ve given them power of attorney.

Here are some of the advantages of hiring a lawyer that specializes in speeding tickets.
  • Your case is handled as efficiently as possible
Why is this so important? Aside from saving you time, you also keep your insurance rates low and maintain a clean record. Insurance companies have a tendency to raise your premium if you have several violations. Experienced traffic lawyers also negotiate to bring down and keep insurance rates low. This alone can save you hundreds to thousands of dollars annually especially if you have gathered a lot of points on your license.
  • You keep a clean record
Lawyers that specialize in speeding tickets charge around $500 on average. They usually charge more if your case has some particular complications. They restore your driving privileges for you too. This is very important for people whose job relies on them keeping a good reputation. Losing a driver’s license is tantamount to losing a job for a number of people
  • Saves your time
Courts prioritize cases that are represented by professional counsel. They do this because they value the time of a legal professional and as a courtesy to the other courts that have scheduled cases that require that attorney’s time.
  • Opportunity
A noteworthy advantage of hiring a legal adviser that specializes in speeding cases is that prosecutors have a tendency to shy away from cases they know will be difficult for them. So this means that some prosecutors may offer you a good deal. An experienced speeding lawyer will look over the deal and advise you on whether or not the deal is more lucrative than going through with the trial or not.

There are plenty of advantages that come with hiring legal representation that specializes in speeding cases. It will be worth your time to find one with a good track record and with reasonable rates. You’ll save yourself a lot of time and some money in the long run as well, not to mention your clean image will likely stay intact.

Did You Know:

If you were to receive 6 points or more on your license you would be required to pay additional fees to maintain your right to drive. Currently, the fee stands at $100 for a three year period, with an additional charge of $25 per point over six. If the defendant-motorist remits payment then the license will be suspended. If he is not a NYS licensed driver, he is still required to pay.

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